TBO Capsules


TBO stands for Tom Bolton Oil. Our capsules are scientifically formulated by our founder Tom Bolton, a biochemist and pharmacist, to provide the full health benefits of our Premium Hemp in a convenient, easily portable capsule. TBO Capsules are crafted using an old-fashioned technique that allows us to extract the full profile of the plant, without losing any parts of the cannabinoid and terpenoid. Each capsule contains the full cannabinoid profile from 1 gram of our premium grade hemp. Available in multiple quantities, TBO capsules provide an extremely high value for whatever your needs may be!

Use one capsule as needed. Contains <0.3%
THC. May cause drowsiness. Use caution
when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Weight 1 g
TBO Capsules

2 Capsules, 10 Capsules, 30 Capsules


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