Stormy Daniels – Hemp Flowers


Our Stormy Daniels hemp variety is locally grown, hand trimmed, and all natural. Specialized care goes into each plant during the growing process to develop a CBD Flower that is unmatched in purity and potency. Our flower products are the simplest way you can enjoy all the natural benefits of CBD as well as all the other naturally occurring cannabinoids that help promote whole-body health.  

Flower can be utilized in an endless number of ways. Whether you want to make a butter base for cooking, have your own recipe for extractions, or would just like to smoke it; our Flower products are held to an ultra-high standard to ensure maximum results for whatever you needs may be. 

Inhale contents using desired device
until desired effect is obtained.
Contains <0.3% ∆-9 THC. May cause
drowsiness. Use caution when driving
or operating heavy machinery.

Weight 1 g
Select Strength

1 Gram, 3.5 Gram, 7 Gram, 14 Gram, 28 Gram


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